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About us

ASKY is a real estate investment firm based in California's Bay Area that specializes in short-term rental investment.

We offer a unique approach to real estate investment, leveraging cutting-edge software and real-time data analysis to identify the best locations for short-term rental investment, allowing us to acquire appropriate properties that offer maximum benefits to our investors.

Currently, ASKY owns and manages a portfolio of 20+ short-term rentals throughout California and has plans to continue expanding to more national parks, coastal areas, and densely populated cities across the state.

ASKY's ultimate goal is not just to increase investors' returns through short-term rentals, but also to boost the overall returns on investment by acquiring appropriate properties that can offer the maximum benefits to our investors.

Join us on our mission to redefine real estate investment and create a legacy of profitable, guest-focused properties.


ASKY proudly presents quality vacation rentals.

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